9 healthy Halloween party food ideas your kids will love to make

Healthy Halloween Frankenstein Kiwis

Over the past few years I’ve noticed that Halloween in Australia seems to be getting more and more popular, however I don’t see many healthy Halloween treats around.

I must admit that I do struggle at these times of year as I don’t love loading my kids up with sugary snacks.  Whilst I am all for my boys having the occasional sweet treat, I just don’t like what the sugar overload does to their little bodies.

My youngest, Orlando, particularly doesn’t handle sugar well and tends to get very over stimulated by even small amounts.  So this year, we’ve been on the hunt for some fun healthy Halloween party food ideas!

9 healthy Halloween party food ideas your kids will love to make

As voted by my boys, these are our favourite healthy Halloween treats, that I hope will be just as popular with your family.

Cheesy Witch Broom

The perfect addition to any Halloween platter.  Simply slice the bottom half of a soft cheese slice with a knife or kitchen scissors, and wrap around a pretzel and tie off with a fresh chive.

Source:  Cocinando Con Catman

Spider Crackers

All you need is crackers, pretzels, sultanas and cream cheese!  Nut butter would work a treat also.

Source:  La Jolla Mom

Jack O’Lantern Fruit Cups

Slice the top off some navel oranges, scoop out the pulp, and carve out your scariest pumpkin face!  I’d leave the fine cutting to adults.  Then fill with your favourite fruits!

Source:  Frugal Coupon Living

Spider Web Fruit Platter

If you have some fresh fruit, yoghurt and a couple of toy spiders then you are all set to make this one!  My tip is to pop the yoghurt into a piping bag if you have one, to create the perfect web!

Source:  Will Cook for Smiles

Cheese Monsters

Both of my boys just love Baby Bell cheese so this was an easy win for us!  Once again for this one I’d leave the cutting for the adults.

Source:  Danya Tanya

Mini Spider Sandwiches

These would be a gorgeous idea to surprise your little peeps in their school lunch boxes!  The little carrot and pretzel legs really are too cute.  I find egg rings make great sandwich cutters when I want to make a circle!

Source: Autism Learning Felt.

Veggie Bats

Such a perfect idea to hand out to trick-or-treaters!  You could include some marshmallows in there for added fun.  You will need:

  • Snap Lock bags
  • Wooden pegs, painted black
  • Black Pipe Cleaner
  • Googly Eyes
  • Glue
  • Black Cardboard
  • Snack of Choice

I’d suggest making a template for the bat wings, and your little peep could trace around it and cut out the wings (if they are comfortable using scissors).

Source:  Copy Kids

Halloween Banana Popsicles

Aren’t these the cutest?  The only variation I would make is to omit adding sugar to the yoghurt mixture.  Full details of how to make are here but it’s super simple!

Source:  Well Plated

Frankenstein Kiwis

These are my absolute favourites – they remind me of those little little critters in Moana!

All you need is kiwi fruit, pretzels and choc chips, how cute are they!

Source:  Two Healthy Kitchens

And remember presentation is everything!  You might want to serve up your Halloween treats to your little peeps on some fun, bright, dinnerware.

What’s your favourite Halloween treat?

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