About Us

My name is Rachel and I am a mum of two cheeky boys, aged 6 and 4.
As with many families, I have experienced fussy eating from my kids. This has at times made mealtimes a stressful experience for us all, especially when I am trying to ensure my boys have a healthy, balanced diet.

Over these years I have been doing my research and have learnt some tips and tricks to encourage my boys to try new things, eat well, and take the stress out of mealtimes. I’m passionate about providing a fun and positive mealtime experience, by serving up tasty dishes, creatively presenting meals, using fun dinnerware, whilst always striving to provide all the nutrients their growing bodies need.
I have developed Little Peeps Eats to share my own experiences and learnings, tips and tricks, healthy recipes, lunchbox ideas, and inspiration on how to make mealtimes fun!

I have partnered with businesses I truly admire to provide you with a range of products that all encourage a positive mealtime experience, from bento style lunchboxes to encourage eating a wide variety of foods, gorgeous dinnerware your kids will love to eat from, to high chairs and baby items to ensure even your littlest peep has been taken care of.

I hope Little Peeps Eats can provide a you with an abundance mealtime inspiration for your little peeps.

Rach x

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Rachel Cassidy and her two sons sitting on the grass