Chicken Enchiladas Recipe – Thermomix and Conventional Cooking Methods

chicken enchiladas feature image

Thanks to our lovely friend Isabelle from Yummy Lunch Boxes for contributing her fab Chicken Enchiladas Recipe to our blog!

Mexican food has long been a family favourite in my house.  Whilst I’ve certainly been through my mealtime battles, come Taco Tuesday there are never any complaints!  This is how my chicken enchiladas recipe was born.

I think it’s something about being able to provide a range of tasty toppings!  Some of our favourites include diced avocado, cherry tomatoes, and of course the all important glug of sour cream that in my kids eyes (and mine actually!) seems to make everything taste better!

I hope your family enjoys this recipe as much as mine.

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Asian Style Sausage Fried Rice – Quick, Simple and Kid Approved!

Asian Style Sausage Fried Rice

Thanks to our lovely friends at Home Cook Love for sharing their fast and simple Asian Style Sausage Fried Rice recipe with us!

Growing up in Singapore in a foodie family means that I was pretty spoilt when it came to food choices. This Chinese Sausage Fried Rice recipe is one of my favourite childhood recipes passed down by my late Grandma.

Lup Cheong otherwise known as Chinese sausage looks like a shrivelled up English sausage made of pork and fat. The sausage is marinated, salted and smoked with sugar, rose water, salt and rice wine added to it to give it a distinctively smoky sweet taste. It’s quite an indulgent ingredient so it’s not something that you would want to eat regularly!

Chinese Sausage Fried Rice recipe has been a long time family favourite, it brings back a lot of fond childhood memories and nostalgia for me when I make it for the family. It’s definitely a recipe that I would be passing onto my girls as part of their heritage, and in remembrance of their late Great Gran.

I hope your family will enjoy this as much as we do!

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Learn how food chaining will help your picky eater

Food chaining

Food chaining is a simple method to help kids try new foods.

If you have a picky eater or two in your house, you know how stressful introducing new foods can be. They haven’t even seen, smelt or felt it and they’ve already decided that it’s “disgusting”.

There is a large component of picky eating that’s in their head. Especially if you have anxious children.

But knowing that doesn’t necessarily make it easier. You can’t “argue” with them that they would just like it if they actually “gave it a go”.

Telling them to put aside all their negative thoughts and move on, isn’t going to work.

Most adults have problems doing that so it’s hardly reasonable to expect kids to.

In fact, the more you “argue” and “coerce” the more they dig their heals and “know they really hate it!”

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Don’t leave the house without a small bento box… here’s why!

“Don’t leave the house without a small bento box… here’s why!” is a collaboration between Baby Bento and Little Peeps Eats.

Who ever knew there were so many uses for a small bento box?

Just a few short weeks ago, my lovely friends at Baby Bento sent me a Penny Scallan Mini Bento Box to take for a test drive.  To be honest with you, I was sceptical about how much use I would actually get from a bento box of this size.  I’ve got plenty of regular sized ones, what do I need small bento box for?Continue Reading →

Meal Planning for Fussy Eaters Blueprint – say goodbye to cooking different meals for your family members!

This article on Meal Planning for Fussy Eaters is a collaboration between Dr Jennifer Cohen and Little Peeps Eats.

Welcome Jen, and congratulations on the launch of the “Meal Planning for Fussy Eaters Blueprint”!

I’m passionate about helping parents of fussy eaters (which is why I started my group), as I understand how frustrating this can be as a parent.  Which Is why I am so excited to find out more about Meal Planning for Fussy Eaters Blueprint!

But before we find out about the program, I’d love to find out a little bit more about you.
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Learn how Mashblox can help your picky eater

mashblox picky eater

Do you have a picky eater?  I understand what you are going through, I truly do.  To spend hours in the kitchen cooking a nutritious family meal, only for your child to say ‘yuck’ and completely disregard what you’ve served them.

How many times have you heard your picky eater say, “I don’t like that” based only on how it looks on the plate, without even tasting it?  If I had a dollar for every time I’d heard it, I would be sailing away on my private yacht as I type this article!

It’s a topic that is close to my heart (which is why I started my group), as I understand how frustrating this can be as a parent.  We want our child to be enjoying nutritious food, why must they make it so hard for us?Continue Reading →

Easy No-Bake Kids Chocolate Treat

no-bake kids chocolate treat

Easter is just around the corner, and that means pretty soon you will be (or may already have been!)  surrounded with many chocolate choices everywhere you go.  Easter is such a fun time for the family, so the dilemma I always face is – how to let my kids build childhood memories of this season by not missing out on chocolate, and yet continue the healthy eating lessons that I am trying to impart to them?Continue Reading →