Kid Friendly Lamb Burgers on Pita

Lamb Burgers on Pita

These delicious Lamb Burgers on Pita have been a simple, tasty, go-to dinner for my family this summer.  The beauty of this recipe is it can can be easily deconstructed so as to give children a choice of what they might like to eat in their own desired combination.

We love to serve our Lamb Burgers as a platter style meal, this gives the kids confidence and control of their meal time which reduces anxiety in them and the whole meal time occasion.Continue Reading →

The Essential list of Kids’ Sandwich and Wrap Fillings

This article ‘The Essential list of Kids Sandwich and Wrap Fillings’ is a collaboration between Adventure Snacks and Little Peeps Eats.

To help everyone out with the new school year and encourage happy kids and interesting lunchboxes, we have put together a list of the ultimate list of kids sandwich and wrap ideas. These have been tried and tested and approved by some of the harshest food critics on the earth, our kids!

The Essential list of Kids’ Sandwich and Wrap Fillings

School is now back, and my son has made it very clear he wants nothing but sandwiches for his lunch each day.

I know I am a bit lucky that he likes sandwiches however, there are many parents out there who struggle to get their kids to happily eat school lunches.  If this is you – check out our Facebook support group.

To help everyone out and inspire some creative lunchboxes, I have put together a list of the ultimate kids sandwich and wrap ideas. These have been tried and tested and approved by some of the harshest food critics on the earth, our kids!

If you want your kids to look forward to opening their lunchbox each lunchtime, this is the list you need.

Kids’ Sandwiches: Friend or Foe?

We all know that dreaded feeling; opening up the lunchbox at the end of the day to see all of the food lovingly made and completely uneaten. Satisfying kids with healthy food in their lunchbox is one of the trickiest challenges of parenting.

To be honest, most days I’m reaching for the jar of Vegemite, but I’ve been looking for different ideas to keep my son’s lunchbox fresh and interesting (giving myself bonus points if I can squeeze in a bit of extra nutrition as well!)

Lots of children either don’t like sandwiches, or get sick of having the same thing every day. Or one day they love a certain type of sandwich and the next they suddenly despise it!

Sandwiches and wraps are an easy go-to for parents as they are quick, cheap, and convenient to make, stay fresh and are usually a balanced meal.

But if you have a fussy eater, that effort could be all going to waste. Here are some tips to make everyone happy.

Tips to Make Kids’ Sandwiches & Wraps Easier

Wrap'd fun food for kids lunchboxes

Fresh sandwiches every day would be lovely, but not many parents, in reality, can get a freshly baked loaf of bread every morning. In real life, you need to embrace what is practical as well as economical. Instead of jogging to the local bakery each morning, you could try:

  • Wraps made with mountain bread and other flatbread options, which stays fresher for longer in the pantry.  Have you ever checked out the Wrap’d (pictured above)?  We love ours!  They are perfect for packing wraps, as well as great for the environment. Wraps can be a nightmare for your kids to unwrap a whole lot of cling wrap from, these make it super easy.  They are also great for sushi.
  • Newer options from the supermarket like brioche buns, sandwiches made from crackers (like Saladas or Cruskits) or sandwich thins, again which all stay fresher for longer and offer variety to your children.
  • Baking savoury muffins or frittatas in bulk and freezing them for easy access.
  • It’s really important to keep sandwiches fresh, which can be difficult in this heat. It’s worth investing in a good quality insulated lunch bag, and don’t forget the Ice Pack to keep it fresh all day. This handy ice pack is great if you like to pack things like cheese or yoghurt in your kid’s’ lunchbox as well, which are much more enjoyable when they are not warm and smushy.

keep leaf kids sandwiches

  • Let’s not forget about Mother Nature.  The Keep Leaf baggies are also a good option for Mum to pop a sandwich in her handbag for work. Schools who advocate for a nude food philosophy will love you for using these, plus you really do save money in the long run on products like this one.

Pro tip:  It is also great idea to make sandwiches in bulk and freeze them to make morning lunchbox packing quicker and easier.

Make Lunchboxes Attractive

Although the last thing you probably feel like doing in the morning is going all ‘Masterchef’ and plating up fancy meals for your kids, making their lunches attractive just may help to get them eating.

Involving your child in the packing and selecting process can help too, as they are more likely to eat things they helped to make, buy or choose. You could give them some parameters, for example at least one fruit item, one dairy item and one fun treat, but within that let them choose what snacks to put in their lunchboxes.

Kids of all ages can have trouble with crusts. We’d love to say you should persevere and leave the crust on, but stubborn kids will let heaps of good sandwich go to waste in an effort to avoid tasting crust.

To help with this problem, I love the Lunch Punch Sandwich Cutters, which help to make things quirky and interesting for fussy children without actually wasting lots of bread in the process. The cute shapes add a whole lot of fun to sandwiches, making them look more visually appealing.

Buying a cute lunchbox also really helps to get them enticed for eating. We love some of the bento boxes on the market at the moment, which are not only sweet but awesome for the environment (and stop kids from losing lots of individual containers as well).

What do they need nutritionally?

kids sandwich nutrition

When it comes to kids’ sandwiches, you are best to aim for something which provides a source of protein (such as meat, fish, chicken, cheese, egg, legumes or nuts) as well as fibre from fruit, vegetables or grains.

The best tips to follow include:

  • Try to incorporate a salad item, and as many as three or four
  • Go for wholemeal or multigrain bread instead of white
  • Limit butter and instead switch it for spreads like avocado, hummus, or mayonnaise
  • Try to keep added salt and sugar to a minimum

Most schools are a no-go zone for nuts (life would be SOO much easier for many parents if they could just choose the peanut butter sanga, I know!) and some may also ban eggs and dairy. Make sure that you know your school’s policy before sending anything to school.

Filling Ideas for Kids’ Sandwiches they are certain to love

Here is a fantastic list of ingredients, you can mix and match as you like. Try to include at least one thing from each of the first two categories, but otherwise, play around, get creative and have some fun!

kids sandwich ideas

Here are some ideas for combinations you should try:

  • Cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato
  • Ham, cheese, sliced apple and sweet pickles
  • Ham, cheese, tomato and sweetcorn
  • Chicken, avocado, baby spinach and mango chutney
  • Cheese, pear, lettuce, celery and cranberry spread
  • Cheese, avocado and vegemite
  • Tuna, sweetcorn, mayonnaise and fruit chutney
  • Smoked salmon, cucumber and cream cheese
  • Sliced apple, grated carrot, sultanas and cream cheese
  • Haloumi, grilled capsicum and hummus
  • Cucumber and vegemite
  • Curried egg with celery and lettuce
  • Chicken schnitzel with coleslaw
  • Corned beef with swiss cheese and sweet pickles

The best you can do is try some variety and have some fun with it, and get your kids involved in the preparation as well.

If you have some more ideas for awesome kids sandwiches, we’d love to hear them, make sure you comment.

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10 simple tricks to create fun food for kids lunchboxes

Unicorn lunch punch makes fun food for kids

This article “Simple tricks to create fun food for kids lunchboxes” is a collaboration between Little Peeps Eats and Adventure Snacks.

My eldest son is now heading into  term three of Kindergarten (where did the first half of this year go?). I’m now starting to think about all of the fun things I’ve got planned to add a bit of fun to his school lunch.  When looking at some of the amazing kids lunchboxes on places like Instagram – it can be easy to think that it’s a hard task to create fun foods for kids.  But in all truth – there are a few tips and tricks that make the process quite fast and simple!Continue Reading →

Kids bento lunch box ideas with a Japanese twist!

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Bento boxes are fast becoming the most popular way to pack school lunches.  They are a fabulous way of providing a variety of foods in that look fun and interesting.  By making food more appealing, we can greatly increase the chances of kids trying new foods, and increasing their fruit and veggie intake.Continue Reading →

9 ways to bring your healthy lunchbox to the next level

OmieBox Healthy Lunchbox

This blog ‘9 ways to bring your healthy lunchbox to the next level’ is a collaboration between Bambino Love and Little Peeps Eats.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with packing lunchboxes, and choosing pre-packaged items that are convenient to pack. Unfortunately many pre-packaged items are high in salt, sugar, and other nasties, making them not always a fabulous option.  Whilst there is nothing wrong with taking a shortcut once in a while, the good news is there are some simple healthy lunchbox swaps you can make to help your little peep reach their daily nutritional requirements.

I’d like to share with you some simple ideas and switches you can make to help your little peep meet their daily nutritional requirements.

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Mini Wholemeal Pizzas – a tasty lunchbox treat or dinner for the kids!

Mini Wholemeal Pizzas on a tray

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Julian and Orlando both love pizza, we often make up a batch for dinner and freeze the rest to pack in lunchboxes!  This recipe for Mini Wholemeal Pizzas is so easy and a great recipe to get the kids in the kitchen helping to make.  We love our Foost Knife or getting the boys involved in the preparation of these!

Feel free to be creative with your toppings!  Other great toppings include capsicum, mushrooms, olives, spinach, feta, sausage.Continue Reading →