Edible gift ideas for teachers

M&M Cookie Mix in a Jar - Edible Gift Ideas

Have you been looking for edible gift ideas for teachers? Well, hunt no more. We’ve got you covered in this post!

Firstly, how is it almost the end of the year already? I probably ask myself that same question every year, but I definitely think time goes soooo much quicker when you have kids. Don’t you agree? Family life is ridiculously busy. 

This is the second year that I’ve wanted to give gifts to my big boy’s kinder teachers. Last year I had NO idea what to get (plus I had a baby, and decision-making wasn’t my strongest trait then!), so I picked up some chocolates along the way to kinder on the last day of the year. 

This year, however, I want to make a bit more of an effort. I recently started digging around Facebook groups for some edible gift ideas for teachers. I keep hearing how much they loved receiving something homemade/handmade. Definitely time to up my game then! 

My son’s teachers really are amazing humans (they deserve medals!), and I want to show them some appreciation at the end of the year. I chat with them, and I know how much work they do at home, how many hours they give up for the love of the job and the kids. 

I asked some amazing foodie bloggers for their recipes for edible gift ideas for teachers. Check these out, and please let us know when you make them, or if you have any extra ideas. Come and join our group, and share your recipes or creations for the special teachers in your lives. 

Easy Pineapple Crumble

Easy pineapple crumble recipe

From Simone Emery, Play With Food

This recipe for Easy Pineapple Crumble from Play With Food comes with a gorgeous FREE printable teacher appreciation card, which also has the baking instructions on it. To make the gift, all you need to do is put the dry ingredients into a jar, and add a tin of crushed pineapple. It’s so simple, your kids can make it. You can even wrap it up like a pineapple for a bit of fun!

Raspberry Rum Balls

Raspberry Rum Balls recipe

From Bron Maxabella, Mumlyfe

Do you remember eating rum balls at Christmas time as a kid? These rum balls are a little twist on the classic – bite into one and you’ll find an explosion of tart raspberry inside the chocolatey-rummy sweetness! They’re easy to prepare. Just whizz everything up in the food processor, and roll in coconut.  A nice touch would be to put these Raspberry Rum Balls in a jar with a festive ribbon tied around it.

Alternatively, plate them up on some lovely Christmas crockery!  We just love this gorgeous festive plate (on sale for 50% off for only $8.99 at the time of writing this article).

Christmas plate - edible gift ideas

Chocolate Cherry Cookies and Printable Holiday Tags

Choc cherry cookies recipe

From Kate Fairlie, Picklebums

These Chocolate Cherry Cookies are super easy to make (so get your kids involved), and they turn out soft and buttery – yummm! It might be a great idea to make a double batch so you can keep some for you and the kids. This recipe even comes with some gorgeous printable tags. So, you could wrap the cookies up in cellophane, and tie on your choice of holiday tags with some colourful string or ribbon.

If you want to turn up the notch and seriously impress the teacher, we are totally crushing over this gorgeous elf cookie jar (which is half price for only $15.74 at the time of writing this article).

elf head cookie jar - edible gift ideas

Homemade Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Homemade chocolate hazelnut spread recipe

From The Good Housekeeping Cookery Team

Sure, you could buy some Nutella, but anything homemade is far more thoughtful. Your child’s teacher could drizzle this Chocolate Hazelnut Spread recipe over ice-cream…or eat straight from the jar for an indulgent treat! It’s quick to make, and just needs to go into a sterilised jar with a festive card from your child.

fussy Eating Tips, Recipes & Lunchbox Ideas Facebook Group

Classic Nougat

Classic nougat recipe

From BBC Good Food

So many gourmet hampers include some classic nougat, so it’s obviously a popular treat. It’s worth investing in a sugar thermometer if you don’t have one already…but then it will come in handy for future confectionery gift ideas like toffee! Once made, you can wrap the Classic Nougat pieces in waxed paper so they don’t stick together. Store them in an airtight container or jar, and get your kids to add some fun and festive touches.

4 Ingredient Christmas Fudge

4 ingredient christmas fudge edible gift ideas

From Create Make Bake

This 4 Ingredient Christmas Fudge recipe takes the cake when it comes to simplicity, yet still being a whole lot of yum!  With only four ingredients, this fudge couldn’t be simpler to make, and is absolutely delicious.  Edible gift ideas don’t need to be complex to be a bit fancy!  Wrap these beauties in some cellophane with a gorgeous ribbon and you are good to go!

M&M Cookie Mix in a Jar

M&M Cookie Mix in a Jar - Edible Gift Ideas

From Celebrating Sweets

And of course this edible gift ideas article wouldn’t be complete without a good old Cookie Mix in a Jar recipe!   Such a simple, cute idea that will make baking an absolute breeze when teachers want a freshly baked Christmas treat, and simply have to pour the ingredients straight from the jar ready to bake!  And seriously… who doesn’t love M&M’s?

If you want to really impress, pair the gift with some gorgeously festive spatulas (half price for only $6.29 at the time of writing this article) to make it a truly complete gift.

Christmas spatulas - edible christmas gifts

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We hope these products help make your festive season more enjoyable!

Looking for more Christmas inspiration?  Check out these recipes:

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