Featured Businesses

Hugs for Kids

At Hugs for Kids, we know the thin line parents walk between fun and healthy food and have scoured the globe for the best, most useful and most desirable dining products available.

Squeezy Snack

Squeezy Snack is a family owned business started to help provide a fun and easy way to get healthy foods into kids, while helping to reduce costs and wasteful packaging.

Kind to Kidz

We believe in giving our kids the very best during their most crucial years of development. At the lowest prices possible. That's because we love to see kids thriving, happy and safe

Bambino Love

We have compiled a range of eco friendly, zero waste lunch boxes, drinking bottles, insulated cooler bags, baby feeding products & cute bento accessories that inspire your endless creation.

Little Lunch Box Co

Little Lunch Box Co Bento Five or Bento Three.  The leak proof seal makes meals on the move easy by allowing you to store wet and dry food side by side all within the one lunch box. 

Stuck On You

Our name labels only use lead-free, child-friendly inks. They are also dishwasher/microwave/laundry safe, scratch-resistant, waterproof, child proof. You can choose from a large range of gorgeous icons

Happy Bites

We source products from all over the world to provide everything you need to make food fun for fussy eaters. Being parents to two “happy little vegemites” we can relate to the struggles most parents face when it comes to feeding their family


We specialise in a wide range of Bento boxes,Yumboxes, Lunch boxes and Bento accessories helping you to make fun, healthy lunches. Our products are imported from around the world.x. 

Peekaboo Baby

We aim to provide you with only the best quality, parent proven, kids products that will help make your job that little bit easier. We stock a wide range of baby, toddler, kids, and nursery products including prams & feeding equipment

Little Bento World

Our range of popular lunchboxes in Australia like the Leakproof Yumbox, EasyLunchboxes, Leakproof Bento Boxes, Sandwich Cutters, Reusable Yoghurt Pouches, Rice Molds, Egg Moulds and Bento accessories

Feeding Littles

Why our Feeding Littles: Toddlers​ online course?   Is your toddler a picky eater?    We have helped thousands of families turn picky toddlers into curious, capable eaters.

Love Mae

All of our products here at Love Mae are biodegradable. Our products will not disrespect the earth or the next generation. It has taken a lot of determination to achieve our goal of making ethical, planet safe products.

Dr Jennifer Cohen

HI, I am Dr Jennifer Cohen, a paediatric nutritionist, dietitian, foodie and mum to 2 gorgeous young boys. My passion is to help busy families, like you, to feel less stressed at mealtimes and to help you to give your children the best start in life.

Wholesome Child

Wholesome Child was created to provide informative and creative advice, support and inspiration to empower parents to make healthier food choices for their kids.

Mini Hippo

Founded by Megan Mallen, Mini Hippo Imports’ exclusive product range has been carefully considered and painstakingly developed by this savvy businesswoman over the past six years.

Nourished Little Eaters

I've spent five years dealing with picky eaters and it drove me absolutely crazy. I thought I did everything right but nothing worked - it just got worse.

Munchbox Mini

Are you tired of your children’s packed lunches coming home uneaten? Do you struggle to pack nutritious and appealing food for your child every day? Munchbox Mini is here to save the day! With our help, you can pack lunches like this in less than ten minutes a day!

Stina Oftedal

Hi! I'm so glad you've found me. I'm Stina, and I'm a non-diet dietitian.

Hubby Made

We understand the importance of balancing household chores and child playtime. Our products have all been designed to make life a little easier at home!

Bright Star Kids

Bright Star Kids was established in 2005. We are most famous for our high quality and affordable Name Labels that have helped thousands of belongings to find their way back home!

BakeMe Snacks

Our Bake-at-Home Mixes let you bake healthy kids snacks at home in a flash - just blend, mix and bake. It's like a healthy cake mix, choc full of organic ingredients without the nasties!

Adventure Snacks

We believe that snacks can be delicious AND nutritious, and we believe our kids deserve the best for their growing bodies.

Kiddies Food Kutter & Safety Food Peeler

The Kiddies Food Kutter is a Kids safety knife designed for young children 3 and over, to cut their food at the dinner table safely. Now children of all ages can learn adult table manners the safe and easy way!

Two Green Rascals

With nearly 6 years of life experience between them, the Two Green Rascals were ready to branch out on their own to create something yummy for all those mums out there who do everything for everyone else before they do anything for themselves.

Mikki and Me Kids

Practical, affordable and adorable gifts for newborns, babies, children and kids.  Whether you are looking for that perfect gift for a newborn, bespoke toy for your little one, or products that offer a sensory play experience… you have come to the right place!

Gourmet Bubbas Wholesome Foods

Gourmet Bubbas produce purees and meals with organic ingredients for babies who are experiencing their first solids, right up to toddlers who are into everything!

Foost - Eat Colourful

We run pop up cooking and nutrition classes and smoothie bikes at events and festivals, schools and early learning centres. Birthday parties also available.  We have a range of products to help families Eat Colourful.


Here at Munchbox we're all about fun, easy ways to get kids excited about food.  All our Munchbox products are designed to be sturdy, easy to clean and, of course, completely food-safe.

The Sprinkle Studio

Creating gorgeous, personalised Adhesive Vinyl Name Labels for your lunch boxes and drink bottles.  Our labels are made from outdoor grade adhesive vinyl to ensure durability and longevity.

Learn to Eat. Love to Eat.

Workshops developed by speech pathologists (and mums!) focused on eating development and mealtime behaviour in both babies and toddlers.  Based in Geelong and Melbourne, Victoria.

Seed and Sprout Co.

Seed and Sprout Co. are dedicated to providing a lunchbox that is practical AND kind to the environment with their stainless steel, stacker boxes!

The Lunch Punch

Sandwich cutters to make lunch fun!



Lunchbox Pals

Healthier Lunch Box Snacks delivered to families across Australia every month!



Natalie Thompson

Nutrition and dietetic consultations/coaching, a children's book and digital products/short courses to help you with improving your relationship with food and your body.

Rainebeau Co

A generously sized, leak-free colourful bento style lunch box. Eye catching, fun designs inspire thoughts of fresh fruit whilst the handy compartmentalisation helps parents to provide nutritionally balanced, varied meals.

Taste Buds | Feeding Therapy

Run by Holly Tickner, a specialist senior Paediatric Speech Pathologist with over a decade of experience , Taste Buds is a feeding therapy service to help with even the most complex feeding problems.  Taste Buds is based in Perth, WA.

Mealtime Building Blocks

Fussy eating, food refusal and stressful mealtimes can make life much harder than it needs to be. Dr Kyla Smith (paediatric dietitian) and Lauren Pike (occupational therapist) have set up Mealtime Building Blocks to support families with these challenging issues.

Kitchen for Kids

Kitchen for Kids teaches children not only how to cook but also about the importance of healthy eating.  They run amazing cooking classes and have a fabulous range of eBooks available.  Check out the popular 'Kiddi Kutter' kids knife on their website!

Baby Bento

Baby Bento is all about making mealtimes fun. They do this by providing simple bento tools and accessories for parents to create fun an appealing lunchboxes and meals for their kids.