Flower Pot Craft – the DIY Mothers Day Gift guaranteed to melt some hearts!

Flower pot craft

Mothers Day is fast approaching so mark in on your calendar, the second Sunday in May.  There is nothing more special and personalised than a homemade gift.  These are the presents that we remember for years to come, the presents we ooohhh and ahhhh over and the ones that bring a tear to our eye.  We hope you enjoy our Flower Pot craft idea! 

These Mothers Day Flower Pot Craft are a perfect DIY gift for mum or grandma.  We bought a set of three pots from Kmart and then found bits and pieces of craft around the house to decorate them.  All up the craft cost me a few dollars and we had enough to make three, I do have a lot of craft supplies lying around to make this more affordable.   This DIY craft is suitable for all ages, with varying levels of supervision.

Craft doesn’t need to be super messy.  Always anticipate the mess and be prepared.  My kids love sparkles, glitter and glitter glue, which is why we did our craft outside.  We also always have a bucket of water and a face-washer handy to clean up hands as we go.  When we use paint I use the pots with lids, to keep the mess contained.

Flower pot craft

Mothers Day Flower Pot Craft


  • Terracotta pot
  • Pipe cleaners
  • PVA glue
  • Coloured cardboard
  • Photo of your child
  • Assorted craft items for decorating.  We used stick on gems, permanent markers, washi tape, glitter glue and glitter.  You could also use paint, stickers, textas, stencils, ribbon, buttons, googly eyes … the choices are endless.
  • Coloured pebbles to fill the pot
  • Florist wire (I needed this to strengthen the pipe cleaner stem)


  • Flower pot craft


  1. To make the flower. I cut out the petals and a circle of cardboard for the backing of the flower and had the children help me put the flower together using PVA glue. The pipe cleaner was not strong enough to hold up the cardboard flower, so I added some florist wire.  Alternatively you could use paper or tissue paper to create a lighter flower.  We then stuck the photo on the front of the flower.

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  1. Decorate the pot. Let your children loose with the craft supplies and allow their creativity to flow.  Do not interfere too much or it will loose the authentic feel.  Paint, stick, draw get creative.
  2. Attach the stem to the pot, we threaded it through the hole in the bottom and then looped it around and taped it on. Fill the pot with coloured pebbles and attach the flower to the stem.

Flower pot craft

Alternative Mothers Day craft ideas

Buy a cactus or seedling to plant in the pot that your child decorates.   Add some potting mix and plant the cactus or seedling.  Your child will have fun nurturing the plant with mum.

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