10 simple tricks to create fun food for kids lunchboxes

Unicorn lunch punch makes fun food for kids

This article “Simple tricks to create fun food for kids lunchboxes” is a collaboration between Little Peeps Eats and Adventure Snacks.

My eldest son is now heading into  term three of Kindergarten (where did the first half of this year go?). I’m now starting to think about all of the fun things I’ve got planned to add a bit of fun to his school lunch.  When looking at some of the amazing kids lunchboxes on places like Instagram – it can be easy to think that it’s a hard task to create fun foods for kids.  But in all truth – there are a few tips and tricks that make the process quite fast and simple!

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10 tricks to create fun foods for kids lunchboxes

1. Pimp your Baby Bel cheese

Image credit:  @fran.zis.ka.shl

For the Lego lovers out there, it’s pretty darn simple to create this fun Ninjago character.

  • Simply pull the opening tag around; and
  • Make dots for the eyes using an edible pen or writing icing (available from most supermarkets, in the baking section)

And you are good to go!  You can also use mini cutters to cut shapes out of the wax which is simple and super fun.

2. Lunch Punch cutters create awesomely fun sandwiches

It’s super easy to create fun food for kids lunchboxes when you have a Lunch Punch sandwich cutter!

As you’ll see below, the Unicorn sandwich cutter is just gorgeous!

3. Lunchbox notes will make them smile

Lunchbox notes fun food for kids lunchboxes

School can feel like a a lonely place for many kids (even those blessed with a lot of friends).  Remind them that you are thinking of them always by including a cute note in their lunchbox!

Download yours for free here.

4. Crinkle cut veggies

Crinkle cut veggies, fun food for kids lunchboxes

When my son started kindergarten this year, for some reason he stopped eating his fresh veggie sticks.  This was a surprise, as he had always enjoyed them at home.  I found a simple crinkle cutter at my local grocery store and it has worked wonders in sparking his interest in eating fresh veggies again!

5. Banana sushi

Whenever I pack a banana loose in my son’s school bag, no matter what I do it seems to get seriously knocked around!  Cleaning squished banana from a school bag is no fun.  Trust me.  It ain’t pretty!

It is his favourite fruit though, so I like to include it in his lunchbox in the form of banana sushi!

Banana sushi is super easy to make.

  • Lay out a wrap (we like to use wholemeal wraps)
  • Spread with cream cheese (peanut butter works well too if your school isn’t nut free)
  • Place a peeled banana on top
  • A little drizzle of honey will always win me extra points
  • Roll, and slice


Oh and the gorgeous lunchbox featured here is a Bento 5, and this particular one has Unicorns on the front! Soooooo cute.  It comes in a range of awesome designs.

6. Pack some yoghurt into a reusable squeezie pouch

Sinchies Cars & Trucks Pouch

Both of my boys get super excited about having yoghurt from squeeze pouches, and they make a fabulous addition to the school lunch.  I think it all comes back to their supermarket experience when they were just bubbas!  When I’d take them grocery shopping, if they’d start whinging (which was pretty much every shop!) I’d grab them a squeezie yoghurt pouch to keep them happy.  It would keep them occupied in the trolley and stopped the whinging!

Link to Fussy Eating Facebook Group

I soon realised how expensive this was as an option to provide yoghurt (and far from environmentally friendly).  We now like to use the reusable pouches, and love the quality of Sinchies and how much more cost effective they are.  They are a simple way of making food fun for kids, especially once you see the awesome range of prints they come in!

7. Mix & Match veggie shapes

Veggie shapes fun food for kids lunchboxes

I purchased a set of small cutters from my local kitchenware store and use them to make my carrots and cucumbers look super cute.  Simply punch out the centre of your cucumbers and carrots, and place the cucumber centre into the carrot, and vice versa!

8. Get Wrap’d!

Wrap'd fun food for kids lunchboxes

Wraps can be a really tricky lunch for kids when they are covered with a heap of cling wrap or alfoil.  I learnt very quickly that if I pack food that takes any sort of effort for my son to open or prepare, it won’t get eaten.  That’s why we just loooove our Wrap’d!  He just loves  peeling back the layers (it’s just like a banana!) of a Wrap’d to enjoy his lunch!

It really makes the process sooo much quicker easier when packing lunch too.  In addition to wraps, they are also great to pack hot dogs, nori rolls, soft shell tacos, long bread rolls and sausage rolls.

9. Eggcellent eggs

Egg Molds are fun food ideas for kids lunchboxes

Image: The Kitchn

You might be wondering how eggs can be a fun food for kids lunchboxes.  It’s actually quite simple to turn a standard boiled egg into a cute shape simply by popping it into an egg mold!  I found mine at a local Japanese retailer for just a few dollars.

They come in a variety of designs and really simple to use!

Eggs are a wonderful source of protein – which is often lacking in kids lunchboxes these days.  So grab yourself a mold and create some eggcellent eggs!

Tip: Boiled eggs last up to one week in the fridge, so you can do a batch at the beginning of the school week.  Winning!

10. Food on Stix!

Sticks fruit kebabs - fun food for kids

Placing food on Stix is the ultimate way of making fun food for kids!

The combinations are endless:

  • Sushi sandwiches
  • Fruit pieces
  • Bliss Balls (Tip: pierce through with a wooden skewer first)
  • Fresh veggies & cheese

Apricot, Coconut and Chia Balls

Tip: For awesome value, you can grab these in a value bundle with the Dinosaur cutters – double the fun!

Looking for other yummy ideas to pack into your kids lunchboxes?  I highly recommend these Homemade LCM Bars!

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