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Today I’d like to introduce Dr Jennifer Cohen, known as “The Fussy Eating Doctor” and find out more about her exciting “Calm and Happy Mealtime Solution” program which has launched today.  If you have a fussy eater, or simply need some hints and tips to take some stress out of mealtimes …  keep reading!

Let’s get to know ‘The Fussy Eating Doctor’

Dr Jennifer Cohen






Dr Cohen (Jen) is a Dietitian and Paediatric Nutritionist working at Westmead Children’s Hospital and Sydney Children’s Hospital, providing nutritional advice to families for almost 15 years.    In addition to her work at the hospital, she runs a blog where she’s known as “The Fussy Eating Doctor”, providing bite sized pieces of nutritional information to help families end mealtime battles.  She is also a proud mum two to boys aged 5 and 3, and like all of us, is all too familiar with the daily juggle.

Welcome Jen, and congratulations on the launch of the “Calm and Happy Mealtime Solution”!  Before we find out about the program, I’d love to find out a little bit more about you.  How did you come to be known as ‘The Fussy Eating Doctor”?

I have been working in the hospital as a Dietitian working with children with cancer for almost 13 years.  I then did my PHD focusing on kid eating habits.  We found that for the kids in remission, their eating habits after treatment were really affected, causing them to become really fussy.  We now have a trial underway to improve the fruit and vegetable intake of young survivors of childhood cancer.  

While working in the hospital I was also working one-on-one and used a lot of my skills and knowledge I had learnt helping kids with cancer with the non-cancer kids.  After a while I specialised in fussy eating.

What made you become a Dietitian and Paediatric Nutritionist?

I have always loved food and started my uni career as a Food Technologist.  After 2 years I realised I didn’t like chemistry and the whole degree was chemistry based!  I had taken some nutrition classes and loved that so I transferred to a degree in nutrition and dietetics.

I’ve always wanted to work with families and children and I felt I could make the greatest impact with children.  I actually started working with adults with cancer at a large teaching hospital in Sydney but after a few years was lucky to start working in a children’s hospital and have been doing that ever since.  Children are amazing, they are so resilient and positive and I love working with them and their families.

Fussy Eater Calm & Happy Mealtime Solution

Why did you develop “The Calm and Happy Mealtime Solution” program?

I have worked with fussy eaters in a one-on-one setting for a while.  I felt that I couldn’t get the results I wanted to with the families, because I just didn’t get enough time with them.  I also wasn’t able to offer the support between appointments I knew families needed.

The program we were developing in helping survivors of childhood cancer was being moved into an online program and I thought I could offer the same for families with a fussy eater. I also knew that the research was showing that online programs in health really worked, so the Calm & Happy Mealtime Solution was born.


Who will it help?

This program can help all families of a fussy eater but it is really geared towards younger fussy eaters.  I can help kids that are fussy eaters for many different reasons.

The first module of the course is all about helping us to understand why your child is a fussy eater so we can help focus the program to suit each child’s needs. This program would also be great for families who want to prevent their child becoming fussy with their eating as the strategies and tools and plans that I set out in the Calm & Happy Mealtime Solution would also be idea for preventing fussy eating.

Can I be cheeky and ask for a sneak peek of a tip that is covered?

Yes you can.  One of the areas that parents find so interesting is that eating is much more complicated than we think. Most of us think eating is a 2 step process, first we cook the food and then we eat it.  In fact there are 32 steps to eating and we need to get each fussy eater comfortable with each step even before they will be able to happily eat a food. The program goes through each of those steps and how to help your child learn each of the 32 steps.

How does it work?

The program is all online.  

Vidoes – Over the 6 week program I will be releasing short videos which you can watch at a time that suits you.  Each video is less than 30 minutes and outlines the next step in the Calm & Happy Mealtime Solution.

Workbook – I also have a workbook to go alongside each video to help you to get the best results. During the program I will outline my 5-step plan that I have successfully used with my fussy eater and other families to get them trying new foods.

Facebook Group – You will also get access to a private Facebook group to ask questions of me and get support from other amazing families who understand the stress you have with your fussy eater.

Weekly Q&A’s – I will also do weekly Q& A sessions in the group to help out the families with as much support as I can.  I really want to help families to end mealtime frustration so I am there with you every step of the way.








So Jen this all sounds great, but, will my kids actually eat brussel sprouts after I complete this program?

Funnily enough, my children who are good eaters still won’t eat brussel sprouts!  Every kid is different.  

Some kids at the end of the program will already be eating a lot of new foods and some kids who are very fussy and may even have some food phobia may be at the point at the end of the program where they are willing to have new foods served to them on their plate but not yet eating them. I call both of these a success.

Helping a fussy eater can take time and that is the benefit of this program. You have lifetime access to the program and so you can keep working on the 5-step plan I provide well after you have gone through the course. I also provide so many tools and tips that you know you have lots of things up your sleeve as your child gets older.

Ok we are all dying to know… how can I access this program?

As I want to give my families who do the Calm & Happy Mealtime Solution all the support I can give them, I only open the program up a few times a year.  From Thursday 10 May until Tuesday 15 May at 10pm you can purchase this program by clicking this link.  Once you purchase the course you will have instant access to the first module. The course is a one time payment of $297 but am offering families a 2 payment option of $167.

Sounds fabulous!  Can you give us anything else to sweeten the deal?


  • As an added extra I am also giving all families who sign up for the Calm & Happy Mealtime Solution FREE access to my newly developed meal planning course., valued at $97.

PLUS, for those who sign up before 10pm on Saturday 12 May I am offering:

  • a 30-minute coaching call with me which you can use anytime throughout the program; and
  • a $50 discount!

Thank you so much Jen, this all sounds wonderful and will be useful to many families!  

Click here to sign up for The Calm & Happy Mealtime Solution, and take a look at the other wonderful resources that Jen has developed here.


Rachel Cassidy is the author of this article and the founder of Little Peeps Eats.  She is a passionate food blogger and brand ambassador, but her most important job is being a mum!  Little Peeps Eats helps families take the stress out of mealtimes by providing healthy, kid approved recipes, as well as fussy eating tips and tricks. Their website hosts a directory of nutritionists, resources and mealtime products to ensure that you have everything you need at your fingertips when it comes to feeding your family.

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