Healthy Apple Doughnuts! You simply must try these with your kids!

healthy apple doughnts on baking paper

It’s officially school holidays, and if I hear the kids open the pantry door one more time whining “I’m hungryyyyyyyy” I’m going to scream.  This healthy apple doughnuts recipe has come from pure desperation, the need to keep the kids busy for more than one nanosecond as well as keep their tummy satisfied!

As much as I do love the opportunity to spend some extra time with the kiddos, without the added juggle of school, sports and homework, we very quickly run out of ideas to keep them happy!

Thankfully, these Healthy Apple Doughnuts were a hit with all four of my kiddos, as well as myself.  Here’s why:

  • Between making them, decorating and actually eating them, it kept them occupied for a good hour.
  • It satisfied their bellies, felt like a real ‘treat’ food, without the sugar overload.
  • I was able to sit back and enjoy a cuppa in peace for the first time in what felt like forever!

I hope your kiddos enjoy these as much as my family.

Healthy Apple Doughnuts

healthy apple doughnts on baking paper


  • Apples sliced horizontally into 3/4” slices
  • 8 oz cream cheese, chilled
  • 2 tsp honey
  • ¼ tsp cinnamon
  • Optional: food colouring, sprinkles

Additional Materials

  • Apple corer or a frosting tip


  1. Place apples (sliced horizontally into ¾” slices) on a cutting board, and use an apple corer or the back of a frosting tip to core the centre of each apple slice.

healthy apple doughnuts being cored

  1. In a mixer, add the chilled cream cheese, honey and cinnamon. Mix until ingredients are incorporated and mixture is creamy.
  • healthy apple doughnuts frosting
  1. Optional: Divide the cream cheese mixture into small bowls and use a drop or two of food colouring to create different coloured frosting options for the donuts.
  2. Frost each apple “doughnut” slice with a layer of the cream cheese mixture. If it is difficult to spread the frosting on the apple slices because they’re too wet, simply use a dry paper towel to pat the excess moisture from each slice before frosting.
  3. Optional: Sprinkle on coloured sprinkles to complete the snack and serve.

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charmaine chung somewhere betweenThis recipe was contributed by Charmaine Chung, founder of Somewhere Between. Somewhere Between was created as a platform to help navigate through those tween years. To bring together the very best clothing, products, services and advice in the one place. I wanted to make this important life stage in your children’s lives effortless and memorable – a time to embrace and a time to flourish.



  1. Such a fun recipe!! Love those types of recipes that are healthy but that kids love. The honey cinnamon cream cheese “frosting” sounds so delicious too 🙂

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