Healthy Smoothies for Kids – the perfect Lunchbox snack!

healthy smoothies for kids

This article on Healthy Smoothies for Kids is a collaboration between Little Peeps Eats and Bambino Love.

Every parent knows the struggle of getting their kids to eat healthily. To make life easier for mums and dads, I have put together some recipes for healthy smoothies for kids. These recipes have fast become of our favourite new lunchbox inclusions!

Healthy Smoothies for Kids – the perfect Lunchbox snack!

The fresh fruit and vegetables we have on offer in Australia is just wonderful, and makes us the envy of the rest of the world.

We all know that our kids need to eat fruit and veggies every day to get the vitamins and minerals that they need, but getting them to eat their apple or carrot sticks is not that easy.

So many of us have diligently add fruit and veggies into the lunchbox every morning, only to have it come back warm, sweaty and bruised at the end of the day.

The answer to getting your kids to enjoy their fruit and vegetables is in attractive presentation. The flavours of healthy whole foods are incredible, but for some reason, there are many kids just that just don’t like Mother Nature’s packaging.

Healthy Smoothies for Kids – Simple and Delicious

I have started to make my kids’ smoothies at home and been astonished by how much the boys love them. I love to pour freshly made smoothies into our Squeasy Snackers, to make them easily packable and transportable, making smoothies a great option for lunch boxes, car trips, days out and anything else you and your little ones might be getting up to.

As a snack while out, one of these kids’ smoothies gives them the energy boost they need, but in a lovely slow release form, rather than the hit they get from high sugar snacks. You won’t have to deal with the resulting sugar crash and your kids will be much more pleasant and alert for the rest of the day.

The variety in smoothies means that your kids won’t get bored with the same lunchbox ideas over and over again. They will open their lunchbox to a delicious surprise every day.

Parents don’t mind paying a little more for good quality products that are healthy for our kids and make life easier in general – this product is one that will absolutely make your life simpler. If you are looking for variation in your lunchbox ideas, you will love this.

Your teachers will be thanking you, and asking you to give these recipes to the other school parents.

Squeasy Snackers – why you need these in your life!

squeasy gear healthy smoothies for kids

I love the Squeasy Snacker for a bunch of reasons. They are super simple to get the smoothies into because of the wide opening, and also easy to wash and dishwasher safe.

One of the biggest problems with any sippy product for children is the bacteria that can build up in the spout if you can’t wash them properly – I have gotten sick of throwing out cheaper sippy cups and drink bottles because they became so grotty inside and couldn’t be cleaned.

The Squeasy Snacker comes apart and cleans thoroughly, which is one of the biggest concerns with sending smoothies to school in the lunchbox (especially with milk in them).

They are also freezer safe, so convenient to make ahead of time, I’ll grab from the freezer in the morning and find it’s perfectly defrosted by morning tea time

We love to take them in the car as there is really no risk of spillage!

They are tough and durable as well – with my two boys and continual use over the last 12 months they still hold up beautifully and are in great condition.

I’ve found two lunchboxes that they seem to fit in just perfectly, the OmieBox and Go Green Lunch Box.

They come in three different sizes.  The 3.5 oz are the perfect size for a serving of yoghurt, and the 6oz are just perfect for smoothies, milkshakes, etc!
Use code LOVELPE to save 10% on on all products (including the Squeasy Snacker!) at Bambino Love!

Want to win your own Squeasy Snacker?

It’s easy!  Simply join our Fussy Eating Tips, Recipes & Lunchbox Ideas Facebook group for all the details! There are two sets of 3.5 oz and 6 oz Squeasy Snackers to be won.  Huge thanks to our great friends at Bambino Love for the awesome prize, just in time for back-to-school!


Notes on my Kids Smoothies

The other awesome product you will need when making healthy smoothies for kids is a blender of some kind.

You don’t need a bullet blender or juicer specifically, a regular stand blender, or even a stick blender will do. But once you start making these, your blender will become one of your most reliable kitchen appliances, so this will be money well-invested, I assure you.

With most of the recipes below just throw everything into the blender and blitz until you are happy. If they are too thick add a little water to juices or milk to smoothies to thin them out.

Feel free to substitute the milks listed to whatever milk or milk substitute you enjoy such as almond, soy, rice, almond, lactose-free etc. Coconut water usually works well in a refreshing smoothie!

Healthy Smoothies for Kids – My favourite recipes!

Sunshine Orange Smoothie

Packed with Vitamin C, this creamy Sunshine Orange Smoothie recipe will put a spring in your step come rain or shine!  We love to have this for breakfast on a warm summer’s day!

Grab the recipe from My Fussy Eater here.

Dairy free chocolate smoothie

I wouldn’t have thought a chocolate smoothie could be so delicious and yet be sugar free! This vegan and nut free recipe is a wonderful option for children that may have related intolerances or allergies. A fabulous option at any time on a hot summers day!

Grab the recipe from Goodie Goodie Lunchbox here.

A Green Smoothie that is not Green

Did you know that berries can do an amazing job of hiding green veggies in smoothies?  I certainly didn’t before discovering this amazing smoothie.  Yup… the image of the purple smoothie above contains both broccoli and cucumber, and teamed up with other tasty ingredients it is bloody delicious!   Both my boys have given it the thumbs up!

Grab the Recipe from My Kids Lick The Bowl here.

Healthy Smoothie Freakshake

freakshake healthy smoothies for kids

Who ever said smoothies can’t be fun?  To achieve something like this, I’ve typically had to take the kids to a cafe and request a sugar laden milkshake.  We are happy to do these things once in a while, but if I can recreate something at home thats equally fun and delicious – for a whole lot less sugar, it gets extra points from me!

Grab the recipe from Eats Amazing here.

Very Berry & Beetroot ‘Super Smoothie’

Beetroot Berry healthy smoothies for kids

They don’t call this a Super Smoothie for nothing.  With super foods included that are really high in nutritional value such as beetroot, spinach and chia seeds – it will give your kiddos an instant nutritional boost!

Grab the recipe from Baby Led Feeding here.

PBJ Smoothie – Peanut Butter, Raspberry and Banana

pbj healthy smoothies for kids

I had my kids won over at the mere mention of peanut butter!  Inspired by the classic sandwich filling, this flavour combination will have your kids coming back for more!

Grab the recipe from Sneaky Veg here.

Avocado Blueberry Smoothie

Avocados are a fabulous creamy addition to smoothies, packed with heart-healthy fats. It pairs beautifully with blueberries, making this smoothie an absolute winner!

Grab the recipe from The Lemon Bowl here.

Peach Carrot Smoothie

Did you know that there are actually more nutrients in raw veggies? For this reason, I love to add them to my smoothies! If you are hesitant about trying carrot in a smoothie – don’t be. The sweet peach camouflages the raw flavour of the carrot, and it one of my boys absolute favourites.

Grab the recipe from Primavera Kitchen here.

Razzle Dazzle

Th Razzle Dazzle has a sweet-tart flavour, and the combination of raspberries, mango and pineapple truly make this the ultimate summer smoothie!

Grab the recipe from Delish here.

Apple Smoothie

If there’s one thing my boys will always eat, it’s apple! As soon as I spotted this recipe I had a feeling it would be a winner with the kiddos, and it was. The simple blend of apple, milk, yogurt, almond and honey is a delicious blend much enjoyed by our whole family.

Grab the recipe from Food Viva here.

Hidden Veggie Smoothies

Attention parents of fussy eaters!! Hidden veggie smoothies are a wonderful option to increase nutrition in your kids diet. There area number of winning combination here that we’ve enjoyed experimenting with.

Grab the recipes from Yummy Toddler Food here.

Strawberry Quinoa Smoothie

The sweetness of strawberries makes this one naturally popular with the kiddos. I love that it contains quinoa flakes and chia seeds, which really boost the nutritional profile.

Grab the recipe from Kidspot here.

We hope you enjoyed reading all about our favourite healthy smoothies for kids.  If you are looking for some lunchbox inspiration, you may be interested in our recent review of the OmieBox.  Is it really the holy grail of lunchboxes?  Check out our thoughts here!

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