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Girl opening healthy lunchbox snacks

This article on Litter Free Lunchbox Solutions is a collaboration between Little Peeps Eats and Sinchies.

One school trend that isn’t going anywhere is the trend for nude food, or a litter free lunchbox. Schools thankfully are doing their part to encourage a rubbish-free lunchbox, but even if your school isn’t on board with this, with Little Peeps Eats, there is so much you can do to get the trend going.

Litter Free Lunchbox Solutions

Primary school trends come and go. From Garmans to fidget spinners, to everybody flossing, the weird things your kids will get up to at school will be a constant surprise.

One trend that isn’t going anywhere is the trend for nude food, or a litter-free lunchbox.  Schools thankfully are doing their part to encourage a rubbish-free lunchbox, but even if your school isn’t on board with this, there is so much you can do to get the trend going.

Some Litter Free Lunchbox Tips for Parents

Buy in bulk and make your own portions


Companies who produce food in snack sizes such as small chip and cookie portions, yoghurt tubs and more provide a wonderful convenience for parents, but this is not so great for the purse or the environment. It is tempting to buy food in snack-sized packets so you can just grab and go when you are making the lunches.

The answer to this can be to make grab and go a bit easier for yourself using bulk packages and individual containers. Buying larger portions of things like rice crackers, popcorn and pretzels, dried fruit and more is much more economical for you than buying the ones already in snack portions.  Then portion these into your own containers to be washed and reused.

Pack containers in advance


If you portion things into snack sizes in reusable containers when you get home from the supermarket, or maybe a couple of evenings a week, it will make doing litter-free lunches much easier and quicker for you.

Get fruit and vegetable portions ready to go a couple of times a week, such as little reusable bags of blueberries and strawberries, sliced carrots and capsicum, or washed cherry tomatoes, ready to go.

You can save heaps of money and rubbish by making your own snack portions of crackers and dip or crackers and sliced cheese as well.

As the kids get older you don’t need to spend so much time packing their lunch for them, just have healthy, snack-sized portions in cool containers ready for them to grab for themselves in the morning as they like.

Get kids involved

Girl opening healthy lunchbox snacks

Packing lunches (especially when half of what you pack comes back all smushed up at the end of the day) can be a tiresome chore for parents.
Here is a great idea: Not only do we not have to be entirely responsible for this job, but our kids are actually more likely to eat their lunches if they have been involved in making them.

Let your kids help choose items while grocery shopping for their lunches for the week, or let them help you whip up some homemade baked goods or smoothies on the weekend for the following week.

Let them pick out a new cool lunchbox so that it is something they are proud of and will look after. This is a really nice way to start off a new school year as well. They could also help to choose labels to get made up, or write their own name on labels for you.

Have healthy, convenient options always available for them to choose from for their lunchboxes, and let them select what they want for the day. You can set some rules like at least one type of fruit or veggie, and then let them decide the rest.

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Help prevent lost containers

Kids will lose their containers whenever they possibly can. I was convinced initially that the nude food revolution was just a conspiracy cooked up by Tupperware to get us to keep buying more and more stuff!

To stop having to keep buying new containers, especially when you pay good money for good quality ones, here are some tips for making sure your kids lose less of their lunchbox.

  • Label everything, with first and last name
  • Reward children for coming home with the same number of items that you sent them with
  • Buy bento boxes that have separate compartments built in to the one lunchbox

Awesome products for a litter-free lunchbox

Litter-free Lunch – Bag & Kit

Sinchies Complete Littler free Lunch Kit

The Litter Free Lunch Bag & Kit is a wonderful product for the start of the new school year. Including one of the popular MontiiCo or Apple and Mint Insulated Lunch Bags with freeze pack as well as all the Sinchies reusable bags and pouches you need for a week’s worth of litter free lunches.  Parents will have no excuse not to be environmentally friendly with their school lunches this year.

Reusable sandwich bags and wrappers


Sandwiches and wraps are still an old favourite for the lunchbox. The handy mix of protein, dairy, veggies and whole grain bread make for a great midday meal and a good way to keep your kids full throughout the afternoon.


Keeping sandwiches and wraps fresh usually required plastic wrap, however, which is not good for the environment. I love instead, the reusable sandwich bags and wrap pouches (the perfect size for wraps!) from Sinchies. They are tough and sturdy and easy to clean.

Sinchies pouches

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Yoghurt and smoothies have become really easy to include in your litter-free lunchbox, making healthy simple for your kids.

You can make your own yoghurt flavours at home, such as in our blog here, and then pop it into snack-sized portions in these pouches for transportation.

Seven Cool Recipes to Flavour Natural Yoghurt for Kids

They are easy to clean and reuse, and keep spillage at an absolute minimum so are great for lunchboxes or any trips in the car. You can fill and freeze a whole bunch at a time, they stack in the freezer and streamline you’re getting ready time each morning.

You can also put your own homemade super-healthy smoothie blends in the pouches. For some great ideas see our recent blog on kids’ smoothies here.

Options for breakfast

As children get older, they may tend to skip breakfast and be more rushed in the morning, so families start buying readymade milk drinks like Up and Go to fill their kids up as they run out the door.

These can be very expensive, however (not to mention creating even more rubbish) – using the Sinchies pouches you can make your own smooth blend of weetbix, milk and fruit or flavours for a healthy and economical breakfast alternative.

If you have some great ideas for a litter-free lunchbox that your kids love, let us know. And good luck for the new school year!

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