Mashblox self feeding blocks simply combine children’s tendencies to play with their food, and to explore the world through their mouths to make good foods fun! They’re super tactile and kids love them, and we’re already getting feedback that kids that we thought didn’t like avocado, or banana, or porridge will eat these out of Mashblox – but you’re welcome to try anything you like 😊

They are:

• Dishwasher safe: turn inside out to clean
• Freezer safe
• Microwave and oven safe 180°C
• BPA free medical grade silicone
• Australian Made

They’re also the most versatile self feeding baby product out there. Kids of all ages love them, and as bub grows up they can be used for ice blox, scrambled eggs in the car, separating food in lunchboxes, or baking cube muffin portions. They also make great frozen teethers!



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