Don’t leave the house without a small bento box… here’s why!

“Don’t leave the house without a small bento box… here’s why!” is a collaboration between Baby Bento and Little Peeps Eats.

Who ever knew there were so many uses for a small bento box?

Just a few short weeks ago, my lovely friends at Baby Bento sent me a Penny Scallan Mini Bento Box to take for a test drive.  To be honest with you, I was sceptical about how much use I would actually get from a bento box of this size.  I’ve got plenty of regular sized ones, what do I need small bento box for?

Don’t leave the house without a small bento box… here’s why!

Dining out

We love a good pub dinner.  The only trouble is…. my boys aren’t particularly skilled when it comes to sitting still.  I often need something to keep them occupied at the table, and sadly colouring in books no longer cut the mustard.  I came up with two different fun options to keep them occupied.  These options are also great for places like doctors surgery waiting rooms!

I just love that the Penny Scallan Mini Bento Box is super compact and doesn’t take up much room in my handbag.

Lego storage

small bento box lego

Last weekend I discovered a small bento box is the perfect size for packing a small amount of Lego in, with a larger compartment to keep the newly built Lego creation.  When the meals come out, it’s just simply a matter of snapping it shut and popping it away.  Awesome!

The same principle can be used for beads / necklace making, etc.

Let’s get crafty

small bento box toys

As pictured above, for those who like to get crafty, it’s also perfect for popping in a few stamps, stickers, paper, and even a fidget spinner!  I love the simplicity of it, in keeping a few of their favourite craft pieces together.

Car snacks

There truly is nothing worse that food all through the car.  The only way of not getting food in a car is to not give your kids in the car, however I have found it definitely helps using a small bento box to keep everything contained.  The compartments of the Penny Scallan Mini Bento Box are nice and deep meaning that snacks won’t easy tip out just through the usual bumps in the car.  These Sour Cream & Chives crackers make a great addition!

The park

This size truly is perfect for lunch for babies or toddlers, or a great size for snacks for the older kids.  Enough space for a couple of sandwich squares, some fruit and cheese / crackers.  A delicious lunch idea that is packed full of goodness are my Cheesy Veggie muffins!

Pack your little one’s lunch, throw it into your baby bag / hand bag and off you go!

Crunch and Sip

small bento box crunch and sip

Many schools in Australia have Crunch and Sip, which is simply a time each day that is set aside for kids to enjoy some fresh fruit, veggies and drink water.  It’s not ideal really to be lugging out their main  lunchbox for this short break, so is useful to use a separate small bento box.

By having a dedicated container for Crunch and Sip means they will only be accessing their set fruit and veggies you’ve packed for them, and they aren’t tucking into other food in their main lunchbox, which is for other meal breaks in the day.

After school snacks

Through the day, I’ll often pop after school snacks into a small bento box ready to get pulled out of the fridge as soon as Mr 6 gets home.  I’ll often include some fresh veggies in there, which helps take the pressure away if they don’t get eaten at dinner.

The movies

small bento box movies

I’m all for my kids enjoying all the usual treats at the movies, however I’m not all for them stuffing their faces with ridiculous amounts of sugar.

By using a small bento box it allows you to pack a few different lollies in the smaller compartments, and I love to put popcorn into the largest section.

Tip:  The large compartment of the Penny Scallan Mini Bento Box fits a small packet of supermarket popcorn PERFECTLY! 👍

Work lunch

Who says the kids should have all the fun?  I’ve been using my small bento box for my work lunches.  I’ve been putting pasta salad in the big section, and some fruit, cheese and crackers in the big section.  I find I’m eating better too, as I’m thinking about what healthy bits and bobs to include in the smaller sections.  If you are looking for mum lunch inspo take a look here.

Penny Scallan Mini Bento Box

I’m in love with the Penny Scallan Mini Bento Box!  We’ve used it the past two weeks for all of the things I’ve mentioned above.  Here are some of my favourite features:

  • It looks super cool.  The Navy Star design I was sent looks really superhero-ish making it an instant hit for my boys!  I also spied a Pineapple bunting designed one which was sooo gorgeous.
  • The quality is amazing.  It feels really sturdy and I can see this lasting for a long time, even with my two little brutes bashing it around!
  • It is top rack dishwasher safe.  I hate washing up so this was a huge win for me. #lazymamma
  • The sections are nice and deep!  Yes it is a small bento box but its got some good depth to it.  You can actually fit a generous amount  of food in here, without it taking up a heap of room in your handbag / baby bag / school bag!
  • It’s leak proof.  So important for the yoghurt lovers, or adding in some dip with packed veggie sticks and crackers!  The awesome design of this lunchbox means the leakproof seal can simply be popped out of the lid and washed.  Makes it super easy to prevent mould in those typical areas of many bento box designs.

Save 10% on purchasing your very Penny Scallan Mini Bento Box at Baby Bento by using the code LITTLEPEEPS

So there you have it. This is why I now no longer leave the house without my new Penny Scallan Mini Bento Box!

What would you put in yours?

Win your own Penny Scallan Mini Bento Box and Stix!

small bento box giveaway

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