Top 10 healthy recipe websites: The ultimate go-to list for meal planning

Like you, each and every week I stop and wonder what I am going to feed the munchkins in the week ahead.  Between work, day care drop off / pick ups, kids activities, there is not a whole lot of spare time up my sleeve.  It can be easy to draw a mental blank when it comes to meal planning, so it is super helpful to pull out my ‘Little Black Book’ of healthy recipe websites.

I get asked all the time where I find all of my favourite recipes from, so I thought I would share it with you.  So here it is, my top ten websites for accessing some fabulous, family friendly recipes, including my kids favourite recipe from each!

My go-to list for meal planning

My Lovely Little Lunchbox

Why I love this site: Such delicious flavour combinations that I wouldn’t have thought of. I particularly love all the different pattie/fritter type recipes which we make in bulk and freeze, my boys love this type of food for dinner.

Favourite recipe:  Zucchini, brussel sprout & halloumi fritters (my boys call them Green Hulk Patties that give them big muscles!)

Super Healthy Kids

Why I love this site:  There are soooooo many different fabulous recipes here that the whole family will love.  I particularly like the blog too which has some great ideas to ensure happy mealtimes with your family.

Favourite recipe: Cheesy Italian Sweet Potato Bites

The Organised Housewife

Why I love this site: Kat is a super relatable, every day mum.  Her recipes are simple, tasty, with ingredients you’ll likely have in the pantry.

Favourite recipe: Chicken Noodle Soup

My Fussy Eater

Why I love this site:  All the recipes are quite simple but look visually appealing, which is so important for fussy eaters!  Some great tips for fussy eating can be found on here which are worth a read.

Favourite recipeHealthier Choc Chip Cookies


Why I love this site: A great selection of recipes that have been especially designed with a kids stamp of approval!  Lots of great lunchbox ideas for those with school aged kids.

Favourite recipe: Pineapple Pikelets

Healthy Little Foodies

Why I love this site:  Aside from a ton of awesome healthy recipes, the photos of all the recipes are just gorgeous.  I could sit on this site and look at the gorgeous food pics for hours (and drool)!

Favourite recipe:  Chocolate Orange Avocado Mousse


The road to loving my Thermo Mixer (TRTLMT)

Why I love this site:  This is my go-to site for Thermomix recipes (I actually have a Mistral, the poor man’s Thermomix!).  As well as recipes they have some fabulous challenges like filling your freezer before school term!

Favourite recipe: Tuna and Veggie Packed Pasta Bake

Louise Fulton Keats

Why I love this site: Recipes designed with the whole family in mind, with suggested adaptations for babies and toddlers.  I found this site so helpful when I started the food journey with my little peeps, and still cook the same recipes today.

Favourite recipe: Beef & Sweet Potato Cottage Pie

One Handed Cooks

Why I love this site:  Recipes starting from baby purees, to baby lead weaning, and family recipes everyone in the house will enjoy.

Favourite recipe: Pick ‘n’ Mix Vegetable Shreddies

Bake Play Smile

Why I love this site:  If I’m looking for a deliciously tasty dessert that is going to knock people’s socks off – this is where I come.  There is a mix of healthy and not so healthy recipes – but life is all about balance, and I believe there is no harm done by the occasional treat!

Favourite recipeMalteser slice

School Lunchbox

Why I love this site:  This crafty dad has come up with some genius ideas of how to make fun lunches in minutes.  No more boring lunchboxes!

Favourite recipeCup-Wich

So there you have it, my Top 10 favourite recipe websites!  What are your favourite sites?  Please let me know in the comments!

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Rachel Cassidy Little Peeps EatsRachel Cassidy is the author of this article and the founder of Little Peeps Eats.  She is a passionate food blogger and brand ambassador, but her most important job is being a mum!  Little Peeps Eats helps families take the stress out of mealtimes by providing healthy, kid approved recipes, as well as fussy eating tips and tricks. Their website hosts a directory of nutritionists, resources and mealtime products to ensure that you have everything you need at your fingertips when it comes to feeding your family.



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