Craft Vegetable Patch – school holiday activity boredom buster!


Making a craft vegetable patch is a fun school holiday activity that young children and toddlers can do together.  It’s a fun, simple activity that the whole family can enjoy.

Craft Vegetable Patch – school holiday activity boredom buster!

Just recently Mr 2 has been taking a keen interest in our backyard veggie patch.  To continue to foster his interest, we’ve been trying to teach him a bit of gardening.  As you may well know, toddlers aren’t generally blessed with a lot of patience.  The idea of waiting for something to grow before being able to pull it out of the ground and eat it was deemed unacceptable to the boss!  He kept trying to do just that to our freshly planted crops.

Solution required!  Quickly provided by Playschool who were using something similar to this in one of their songs – but with no instructions how to make it we improvised and came up with the following.

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Being me – also not blessed with a lot of patience and generally time poor and sleep deprived – any craft we have a go at needs to be super simple, super cheap and put together with whatever bits we can find around the house. I think this one ticks all the boxes and the boys just love it – who knows, it may just distract them long enough for our real life carrot seedlings to mature (ha!)

Vegetable craft holiday activity

What you will need

  • orange paper or card
  • Green crepe paper
  • a medium size box to be the ground
  • empty toilet roll holders
  • scissors and tape


  1. To make the carrots – roll the orange paper as if making an ice cream cone and secure with tape. Pop a toilet roll into the top to make it a bit sturdier and fold the overhanging edges of paper inside. Tear or cut strips of the crepe paper and tape them inside the hole to act as the leaves.  Alternatives to crepe paper are bits of string, wool, normal paper, cellophane or even real leaves from the garden instead.
  2. Cover your box in leftover crepe paper (I would have preferred a brown colour but we had none) or if you’ve none leftover you can just leave the box as it is or cover with normal paper and get your little one to have fun decorating it. Make some holes in the top that will be big enough to hold the carrots but not let them fall all the way through.
  3. Have fun ‘watering’ and watching your carrots grow then harvesting and cooking them!

I’ve been trying to come up with some other veggies that we could make and plant in the holes as well – watch this space! I’d love to hear below if you have any suggestions.

Here’s a video with the full instructions –

With thanks to Byrony from Coasting Australia for sharing her wonderful craft holiday activity to our blog!

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