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Grabease Toddler Self-Feeding Fork and Spoon Set

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Grabease Fork and Spoon set are the next thing in toddler self-feeding. They have been designed with your toddler in mind. Little hands, need little utensils. Not only are they toddler sized, they are a developmental tool that works with a toddlers current and developing motor skills. The ergonomic handle promotes both pencil grasp and pincer grip, meaning your child is developing as they eat! Not only does this make life easier for them but for YOU as well!

The innovative design is packed with features

+ Ergonomic Handle
+ Choke Guard for safety
+ Non-Toxic BPA free plastic
+ Occupational Therapist recommended
+ 6 Fun Colours
+ Top rack Dishwasher safe
+ Includes an On-the-Go Pouch

The first choice for independent feeding from Baby to Toddler!

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