10 of the best wooden toys for kids this Christmas – and why you need to buy them!

Jungle House Wooden Toys for Kids

This article ’10 of the best wooden toys for kids this Christmas’ is a collaboration between Kind to Kidz and Little Peeps Eats.

If you are looking for something a bit different, that you know will last, and looks gorgeous in any child’s room or nursery décor, wooden toys are your best bet. This article may be called the best wooden toys for kids this Christmas, but in truth, wooden toys for kids are awesome any time of year.

10 of the best wooden toys for kids this Christmas – and why you need to buy them!

There are about a billion toy options online and on the shelves of toys shops, but most of them are kind of, well, crappy.

Cheap and easily made toys are a dime a dozen; literally. Once you become a parent and get sick of tripping over or standing on and smashing little pieces of plastic, you start to appreciate the difference between the cheaply made, mass-produce ones and those of actual quality.

Parents don’t want just another toy in your house, you would rather it be something that looks attractive and will last through several rough siblings and changes in fads and trends.

You would also prefer something that challenges and inspires your child, and opens up their imagination rather than just spoon-feeding it. The best toys are creative ones which your child can play with over and over again, and still keep coming up with new ways to enjoy them.

I have rounded up a list of what I think are best wooden toys for kids this Christmas (or any occasion)! 

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10 of the best wooden toys for kids this Christmas

Mini Kitchen Play


There few things that kids love as much as helping out in the kitchen. Cooking together is a lovely time to connect as a family, and also encourages your child to learn about food. Through food preparation, they become more confident in trying new things as well, which is wonderful for fussy eaters.

If you aren’t quite ready to hand over real knives or blenders, then these stunning role-play toys are a great place to start. Just pop your child up next to you and let them make their meal while you make yours.

We also love this little veggie cutting role-play set to go with it (great for fussy eaters!):

Picky Eating Tips Fruit Veggie Role Play set from Kind to Kidz

Marble Run

marble run Wooden toys for kids

Children of all ages are fascinated by a marble run. I bought this one earlier this year for my three-year-old and he is enamoured by it, and I know of another mum who’s nine-year-old still gets lots of play out of his. Older kids will even turn screens off to play with this sort of mental challenge.

It can be built in countless different ways to always offer a unique possibilities, including stoppers and accelerators to change speed and a multitude of twists and turns.

Chalkboard Building Blocks

chalkboard Wooden toys for kids

Blocks for developing minds are a wonderful gift, and a lovely stocking filler or surprise just because. You’ve seen blocks before of course, but you’ll admit you’ve never seen a child unhappy to receive them as a present, which is why they are popular year after year.

I am excited about these chalkboard blocks that have a little twist on the traditional concept, and make even more kinds of play possible. Encourage both your child’s technical and artistic sides at the same time!


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wooden-puzzle-wooden toys for kids

Puzzles are another toy great for multiple ages – you just need to increase the level of difficulty with your child’s development. They love puzzles even as babies, and later on you can buy them 1000 piece, three-dimensional ones, and still get the same level of awe and fun.

I love this one from George Luck, although this company has many lovely ones to choose from:

Wooden carriage

Doll carriage Wooden toys for kids

This precious baby carriage will make little ‘parents’ step back in time to take care of their teddies and dolls. Again, stunning as a focal piece in your child’s room, it also great for playtime.

The sturdy design makes it great for first walkers as well. It has a retractable canopy and includes nappy change bag and mattress.

Build Me Wooden Tow Truck

Tow Truck Wooden toys for kids

I love this wooden tow truck, because, like most wooden toys, it is a gift that gives over and over again. The kit is easy to build, and is a wonderful bonding project for parent and child. Then once built it is a working tow truck, offering so much fun rescuing and helping all sorts of other toys out of danger or catastrophe.

Beautiful and classic to look at, it is safe for small hands and made of 100% Australian eco-friendly rubberwood.

Wooden Treehouse

Jungle House Wooden Toys for Kids

A sweet little (or big) wooden treehouse is always popular with children. Fantasy play never goes out of style, making this adorable treehouse timeless. The thoughtful and whimsical touches like the hammock and rope ladder are divine.

The tiny pieces and people that come with it open up a world of imagination, and the wooden structure can be used with any other toys as well.

Wooden Teepee

Hape Teepee wooden toys for kids

I adore this wooden and cloth tepee for all kinds of imaginative play. It looks gorgeous with your children’s room décor, and easily folds away if you need the space. Fun for children day and night, it can be used for sleepovers or any sort of secret clubs or adventure plotting.


Outdoor Play

ride on toy Wooden toys for kids

As parents, we love an opportunity to get our little ones outside to play, either for their own benefit, or to give us a chance for five minutes to ourselves! Sun, fresh air and exercise are fantastic for every age, as is screen-free time.

I love this little wooden bike perfect for toddlers and little ones just finding their feet.

This croquet set is lovely and suitable for different aged children. It also makes a great activity for parties in the backyard.

croquet wooden toys for kids


Table and Chairs Set

Mushroom set Wooden toys for kids

There are a thousand uses for a sweet child’s table and chairs set like this one. From snack time to tea parties, art corner, to puzzles, Lego and so much more, your little pixie will find endless ways to enjoy this gorgeous elfin furniture. Tough and sturdy, suitable indoors and out.

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